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"When everything starts functioning right it can just go," Carroll said. "There's been a lot of years where we've had really good finishes and score a lot of points and put up a lot of numbers and this is like that."
"Right now we're going to stay on course and continue to push our approach and see that we can't keep it on a really good track," Carroll said.
In a way, all those obstacles have made what Wilson and the Seahawks have accomplished over the past four weeks even more impressive.
After making a brief appearance at the team's headquarters last week, Carroll said Lynch will be doing his rehab offsite until he's ready to start practicing again. But there continues to be no estimate on when that'll be.
"He went through a big surgery. He's got a lot to get through. He's got to get past that, whatever impact that has had and then he's got to get back into football shape and get going,nfl jerseys cheap," Carroll said.
And most recently,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the broken ankle and ligament damage suffered on Sunday in Seattle's 35-6 win over Baltimore by rookie running back Thomas Rawls, who had proven more than capable as Lynch's replacement.
That will be the question going forward until Lynch returns whether that balance can remain with journeymen running backs filling in. Harris finished with 18 carries on Sunday, but averaged just 2.3 yards per attempt.
Having a successful run game is crucial because the performance of Wilson has been based around the balance of what Rawls provided,nfl jerseys china.
Because of the uncertainty regarding when Lynch will return, the Seahawks signed Bryce Brown on Monday to add depth at running back. It will be DuJuan Harris and Brown likely carrying the load on first and second downs and Fred Jackson continuing his role as the third-down back going forward until Lynch is back.

Wilson's past four games have been remarkable. According to STATS, Wilson is the first quarterback going back to 1960 to have four straight games with a passer rating of 138.5 or higher. He's thrown for 1,171 yards, completed 75.4 percent of his throws, thrown 16 touchdowns and had zero interceptions.
RENTON, Wash. (AP)


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